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Pikes Peak Prep charter school (K-12) has experienced steady growth over the past few years. A 42% improvement in the 3rd grade reading scores over the past four years marked one of the top growth scores in Colorado Springs. Third grade students were able to increase their proficiency scores over the past year by 4% and 19% in partial proficiency.

Eight-year-old Anthony Brown and Adrian Martinez, 16, were test driving a fancy netbook, solving a problem about temperature and friction for a bunch of dignitaries visiting Pikes Peak Prep charter school this week.

On the screen, a balloon drifted and stuck to a sweater. Anthony said it would be a neat thing to do that to his sister’s hair. The balloon would stick,” he predicted.

Then Principal Patricia Arnold told him something even more exciting about the computer.

One Aircard, One Child, One Dream Program comes to Pikes Peak Prep with 50 Dell Netbooks with Sprint Aircards and Protective Software.

Bob Logan, President of Wireless Business Solutions, LLC. a national Minority Sprint BSP Partner will explain their program “One Aircard, One Child, One Dream Program” (O3P) and the role it is playing in helping bridge the Digital Divide for Urban Schools in (11) States. will also present Pikes Peak Prep, and the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation (GEO), Pikes Peak Prep’s educational management organization, with the program’s first 50 Dell Netbooks that utilize a Sprint Embedded Aircard. O has arranged for Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) to be one of the first schools in the nation to benefit from this opportunity and the Foundation will be receiving more than 1,300 machines next year to distribute to all of their charter schools.

On April 28 Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) received the first 50 Dell Netbooks with Sprint Aircards and protective software installed on each computer. WBS LLC's (One Aircard One Dream program) assisted PPP to find a workable learning solution. This end to end managed solution combined funding from E-Rate with private funding to provide it’s students with 50 Sprint aircards bundled with 50 Dell Mini-Netbooks each loaded with Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) software. Therefore, wherever students are on campus or off campus on field trips, they are able to investigate the world through a safe and secure environment and are no longer reliant on internal infrastructure or staff from Pikes Peak Prep.

Back in 1991, I was sitting in a CEO's office in Los Angeles when a young lady named Wendy Kopp was making a pitch for something called Teach for America. Her idea was to engage some of the nation's best and brightest college students upon their graduation from undergrad into giving back to society by teaching in some of the nation's toughest inner city public schools. The Princeton grad was very persuasive, but I didn't hear too much more after that meeting and I went on to do battle for children wanting choices and access to better schools period.

My battles eventually led me to starting the GEO Foundation in 1998 and in 2001, we started one of Indiana's first public charter schools. Today, we support four public charter schools (3 in Indiana and 1 in Colorado Springs).

About 50 Pikes Peak Prep charter school students will begin using iPads in their core classes this year. It’s a move educators hope will cut costs and expand students’ learning opportunities.

It’s better than staring at paper,” said 10th-grader Eileen Alvarez.

The 15-year-old on Wednesday demonstrated the virtual frog dissection application that takes users step-by-step through the process on the hand-held tablet computer — minus the wet, squishy bits.

Science teacher Marlene Duran is thrilled with the visual and auditory abilities of the high-tech tablets. The frog dissection app not only goes through the experiment but contains pages of information on the amphibians and a biological comparison of frogs and humans.

Students have a library at their fingertips,” said Pikes Peak Prep Principal Patricia Arnold.

The management company for the school, the GEO Foundation, and the school board decided iPads would make a good investment.

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