Free College Program

Pikes Peak Prep is proud of its free college program – dual enrollment with Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). Our join program allows Pikes Peak Prep students to take college courses at PPCC, earning credit for high school and college. We pay for up to 60 credits, which is an associate’s degree worth of credits for all of our Pikes Peak Prep high school students to take college classes.

Our Concurrent Enrollment program is Pikes Peak Prep’s collaboration between our high school and Pikes Peak Community College to allow high school students who qualify to enroll in and take college courses for credit. Students take a combination of core high school courses and college courses to receive their High School Diploma and potentially their Associate’s Degree (60 college credits) and graduate. The high school core classes are provided by Pikes Peak Prep teachers while the college courses are taken alongside real college students at Pikes Peak Community College.

Pikes Peak Prep pays for the complete cost of students taking courses at Pikes Peak Community College.

We pay for books, tuition, and we provide transportation to and from PPCC for all high school students enrolled in the program.

One of the many goals of our Concurrent Enrollment program with Pikes Peak Community College is simply to expose high school students who might not otherwise enroll in higher education to the college environment, demystify the college experience, and get those students working toward degrees. This helps the students, many of whom will be the first generation in their families to attend college, to build a solid belief in themselves, to stay in school and succeed, and to integrate directly into college from high school.

Students who participate in this program can save an incredible amount of time—up to two years of college, and thousands of dollars in tuition. Students who dual enroll often enter four year universities after graduation with up to four semesters of college completed.

We are proud that our students successfully attend and earn college credits from PPCC. We know that the exposure to the college environment, taking and completing college classes, and entering college with several college credits already earned will give students the confidence they need to pursue their dreams!